Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry at Grace is specifically for 18- to 30-year-old men and women seeking to grow together in Christ. We're striving to grow deep, authentic community among each other and our church - the kind of community that inspires action and is a warm place of connection for others. We’re helping make our church’s mission to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples a reality by actively trusting in God while doing what He has called us to do: mobilize the church!

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    Campus Outreach Central Illinois
    The vision of Campus Outreach is “Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” This statement controls all our endeavors on the campus.

    Campus Outreach Central Illinois is part of a global network of more than 30 churches each of which builds a Campus Outreach ministry to local college students. All of the ministries share the same vision, values, and strategic commitments. Because Campus Outreach believes in a strong relationship with the local church each regional ministry is under the authority and leadership of a local hub church, which provides a crucial source of accountability, leadership, and resources. Grace Presbyterian serves in this role for Campus Outreach Central Illinois. As a result the college ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church, Campus Outreach Central Illinois is having an impact beyond the Peoria area. There are staff members leading ministries at Bradley University, Monmouth College, Illinois State University, and Eastern Illinois University. You can visit the Campus Outreach Central Illinois website to learn more about the individual campus ministries and programs offered.

    The vision of Campus Outreach is “Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” This statement controls all our endeavors on the campus. We seek to help young Christians become mature laborers in order to experience a lifelong and fruitful harvest. The place that we seek to build laborers is the college campus. We see the college campus as highly strategic for several reasons. First, college students have their whole life ahead of them to make disciples. Secondly, college students are in a critical position for making life-changing, Lordship decisions for Christ. Third, college students have a tremendous network of relationships with one another, enabling us to generate strong movements for Christ and thereby maximize our impact. Lastly, college students have a great deal of time in order to pursue their own growth and development. Though Campus Outreach works on the respective campuses we staff, our ultimate purpose for all that work is to reach the lost world, not simply impact the college campus.

    Our Method for accomplishing this vision is four-fold:

    1. Evangelize. Campus Outreach seeks to lead people to faith in Christ through the context of genuine friendships on the campus.

    2. Establish. Young believers need to be established in their faith. We work to help these believers develop a proper relationship with God, themselves, the lost, and the church.

    3. Equip. As students begin to mature in their walks with Christ, our desire is to equip them to have strong personal ministry with others. This involves growing in their ministry skills, developing a personal vision, being transformed in their character, and increasing their knowledge.

    4. Export. As students move toward graduation, we endeavor to help them find a place in the harvest where they can see great fruitfulness manifest itself through their lives.