Adult Sunday School

Sunday School classes are a great place to learn more, meet people, and make connections. Please visit any of the classes, and if the class you visit isn’t the right fit, feel free to try another class. We are sure there is a place for everyone! If you want help deciding on a class, please email Pastor Greg or call him at (309) 589-6413.

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    Rooms 015-1 and 015-2 (Lower Level)
    Ages: College
    Leader: John Wieland, Clark Emerson, Mike Caponigro
    Current Topic: Philippians

    This class is open to all college students. Join us as we dive into this Pauline epistle.

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    Next Generation

    Room 015-3 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 21-30
    Leader: Mike Caponigro, John Wieland, Clark Emerson
    Current Topic: 1 Timothy

    Young adults are the “Next Generation” of this church. In Colossians 1:28, Paul states that his ministry goal is to “present everyone mature in Christ.” Similarly, our class goal is for us to mature and grow in our faith together, so that we as the “Next Generation” may be equipped to lead, serve, and minister within and outside our church.

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    Young Married

    Room 116 - Front Porch (Main Level)
    Ages: 20-35
    Leader: Matt Gillespie
    Current Topic: The Holy Spirit

    The goal of this class is for people to connect to one another for encouragement as we live our Christian lives. We hope for this class to be our larger gathering point on Sunday as we meet in smaller groups during the week.

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    Room 006 (Lower Level)
    Ages: Parents of young families
    Leader: Dan Hunt
    Current Topic: The Book of Acts

    We are a group of young families who strive to build strong family foundations rooted in Christ. We do this by meeting and sharing life together on Sunday mornings as well as connecting with each other throughout the week. Our desire is to develop authentic community among each other and anyone looking for a place to connect.

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    Room 020 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 25-40
    Leader: Vince Caliendo
    Current Topic: The New City Catechism

    This Sunday School class offers a gathering point for individuals and families who cherish worshiping Christ together. We believe the high-energy nature of a room full of kids and parents is worth the necessary flexibility and distracted moments; what a beautiful, God-given mess it is! Our lessons are taught in a way that our 3-year-olds can understand while still being challenging and edifying for the adults. You can expect lots of time for conversation throughout the Bible-teaching material as well as socializing.

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    Families for Christ

    Room 158 - Gym (Main Level; Cafe end)
    Ages: 20-75
    Leader: Darrel Meffert
    Current Topic: Fruit of the Spirit

    This class is comprised mostly of married couples with growing families and children from grade school to college. We study, socialize, share, and invest in one another’s lives. Our focus is on growing in Christ and strengthening marriages and families. We want to grow a welcoming community of committed families that regularly attend, connect and share, provide spiritual growth, and develop future leaders for the class and church.

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    Room 009 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 45-60
    Leaders: John Blahnik and Greg Bonomo
    Current Topic: Spiritual Disciplines

    This is a Christ-centered class that emphasizes biblical teaching with a focus on providing a strong community in order to strengthen our spiritual lives, relationships, and overall walk with Christ.

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    Solid Rock

    Room 145 (Main Level)
    Ages: 55+
    Leaders: Frank & Normi Howard
    Current Topic: Books of the Minor Prophets

    This is an adult Bible study-oriented class that welcomes all. Our teacher uses a combination of lecture and class participation to teach Scriptural lessons applicable to each of our lives.

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    Ambassadors for Christ

    Room 017 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 50+
    Leader: Bob Hefner
    Current Topic: The Holy Spirit - Activating God’s Power in Your Life by Billy Graham

    This class feels informal and encourages everyone to participate in discussion. The primary topics of study are books of the Bible with excursions into specific biblical concepts. We also discuss current events and societal topics in the light of biblical teaching and prophecy as they arise.

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    Growing in Grace

    Room 021 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 50+
    Leader: Dave Anderson and Mike Proehl
    Current Topic: Philippians

    This adult class studies the Bible together with lively discussions. Discover how God’s Word still speaks to us with clarity, authenticity, and power while meeting our needs for time and eternity.

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    Friends in Faith

    Room 010 (Lower Level)
    Ages: 55+
    Leader: Lionel Martin
    Current Topic: “People Are Asking . . . Is This the End?” by David Jeremiah

    Our purpose is to stimulate and support growth in the Christian and each member’s walk with Christ. We chose a Bible verse as a foundation of our fellowship — Malachi 3:16: “Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them.” The class is a round-table discussion of our lesson with the teacher leading the discussion.

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    Grace Connections

    Room 132 - Church Lounge (Main Level)
    Ages: 50-70
    Leader: Tom Allen and Woody Hartwell
    Current Topic: Gospel of John

    We seek to encourage and energize people through in-depth Bible study, open discussion of a study book, supportive relationships, and prayer and praise. This time also includes a topical-oriented study or discussion of current issues. We uphold each other in prayer and provide encouragement when needed. Relationships are built through some large and small group social events.

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    1 John 1:3

    Room 146 - Chapel (Main Level)
    Ages: 60’s and 70’s
    Leader: Scott Reed and Steve Siepel
    Current Topic: Gospel of Luke

    “That which we have seen and heard we declare to you...” This class has its goal set firmly on God’s Word where joyful interaction with scriptures and each other flourish. We are an older class that enjoys fellowship and studying Scripture; we offer a warm conversational interaction with an open Bible.

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    Christ First

    Room 158 - Gym (Main Level; Kitchen end)
    Ages: 60+
    Leader: Gary Chiaravalle
    Current Topic: The Gospel According to Isaiah

    The study of this rich Old Testament book deals with the sinful nation of Judah and God’s judgment—a demonstration of His infinite love by providing a message of Good News with the promise of a Savior. This study will dig deeply into God’s Word and message of salvation.

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    Special Education

    Room 172 - Adult Special Ed. (Main Level)
    Ages: All adults
    Leaders: Russ and Robin Fahlberg
    Current Topic: The Book of Esther

    This class is designed to provide a spiritual community for adults with special needs. The class includes Bible teaching, singing, crafts, small group interaction, and a snack.

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    International ESL

    Room 008 (Lower Level; starts 11/14)
    Ages: 25-40
    Leader: Mike Uno
    Current Topic: The Basics of Christianity

    This class discusses basic Christianity for those whose second language is English.