Discover Grace

Discover Grace is the perfect "next step"
after attending A Taste Of Grace!

The next step to meet people and find out more about Grace is to attend "Discover Grace." This class meets in the Lounge frequently throughout the year. We cover topics such as: "How can I have a relationship with God?" "How can I grow in my relationship with God?" "What are Grace's core beliefs?" "What are the vision and direction of Grace?" "What is Presbyterianism?" "How can I connect with others at Grace?" "How can I serve at Grace?" "How can I share my faith with others?" "What is available for my family members?"

Everyone is welcome, whether you are brand new or have attended Grace for years. The class can lead to membership, but attending doesn't obligate you to join the church.

We also have a Baptism Class for anyone wishing to learn more about baptism or to schedule it for themselves or for a child.

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Additionally, we offer a Children's Membership Class

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Part of our Discover Grace class includes videos of Pastor Bryan being interviewed about various theological topics. For those who miss a session, or if you just want a preview of what is taught in the class, the videos are included here: