English as a Second Language Classes

Anyone who would like to learn English as a second language is welcome! There will be four types of classes for a non-English speaker, beginner, intermediate, and advanced speaker. ESL classes begin on September 14, Tuesday morning, 9:30-11:30 and September 15, Wednesday evening, 6:00-8:00. ESL Classes will meet for 10-12 weeks in the fall and 13-15 weeks in the spring. Students may enroll at anytime. There is a $25 Workbook fee. Students should bring a three ring binder. There will be free childcare. To sign up for classes click the button below.

Essentials Class-For those who speak no English.
Beginners Class-For those who speak little English.
Intermediate Class-For those who know enough English to "get by."
Advanced Class-For those who want to improve their pronunciation, accent, and feel more comfortable conversing in multiple environments.

ESL Registration