Sunday School Elective

Your Spiritual Growth: Seasons from the Life of David
April 18 - June 6, 2021
9:45–10:45 a.m.
Front Porch 
Teacher: Pastor Paul Utnage

How does spiritual growth happen? It’s not measured by attendance or financial giving or the number of Bible study groups. Real growth happens when hearts are shaped into the likeness of Jesus. When our inward heart changes, the outside will follow. Christ came into this world to help with this. Every Christian is on an amazing journey. From the first moment we trusted Christ, we set out on the most significant journey of transformation. God surprises us for growth by creating the most surprising circumstances and lessons.

David, Old Testament shepherd, warrior, king, and poet, offers an example in the shape of his own life. In many ways David was an extraordinary person, yet in other ways he was an ordinary person just like you. God took him through many experiences to become the man we meet in the Psalms, the only man the Bible describes as a man after God’s heart. Those experiences are found in the books of Samuel and Kings.

So when was the last time you intentionally thought about the lessons God has taught you, and is teaching you now to form you into Christ-likeness? Join this elective adult course to explore the formation of David and find hope and understanding for all of us.

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