More Than Just a Marriage

[Beginning in 2019, Grace will offer a series of short-term Sunday school electives. This is the first one.]

As years pass, many couples lose a sense of creativity and immediacy in their marriage. They’re not struggling with an overwhelming problem, but these couples earnestly search for a deeper intimacy in their marriage again. They want to feel even more in love than ever. Unfortunately some of these couples come to believe that such a growing intimacy is not possible. But God says the opposite. He said it poetically in the Song of Solomon when he addressed a newly married husband and wife, “Eat, O friends, and drink; drink your fill, O lovers” (5:1). God designed the relationship between husband and wife to grow broadly, widely, deeply, and significantly.

Whether you’re newly married, married with children, empty nest, young or old—no matter your season in marriage—you can take another step in developing relational intimacy with one another by focusing on this seven-week series, More Than Just a Marriage, at Grace Presbyterian Church. The course is elective—it’s for anyone. The goal is to help you lovingly explore the next steps in your marriage, no matter how many years you have been married or stage of marriage. It’s to step into a deeper sense of intimate companionship, growth, and influence. More Than Just a Marriage will also focus on helping you mentor other married couples.

The facilitators will be Paul and Brenda Utnage. Paul is our newest pastor at Grace. The seven-week class begins on January 13 during the Sunday School hour. There is no cost. Just bring your Bible, open interest in God’s influence in your marriage, and humor.