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Books by Senior Pastor Emeritus Dr. Bryan Chapell

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    Each For The Other
    Marriage As It's Meant To Be
    Bryan Chapell with Kathy Chapell

    Building a strong marriage is tough. Yet the Bible is packed with principles on nurturing an intimate, rewarding relationship. Marriage as it was created to be means understanding God's plan for unconditional love.

    In Each for the Other, Bryan Chapell and his wife, Kathy, offer an in-depth discussion of biblical truths you can apply to your marriage starting today. Together, they teach you:

    • how denying yourself can create the most rewarding relationship ever
    • what biblical headship and submission really mean—and why they're important
    • six key building blocks to help solidify your marriage and family

    Whether you're engaged, newly married, or in a seasoned relationship, Each for the Other offers indispensable truths on how to sacrificially love your partner. It also includes discussion questions—perfect for individual or couple study.

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    The Gospel According To Daniel
    A Christ-Centered Approach
    Bryan Chapell


    Often we read the book of Daniel in one of two ways—either as a book about a heroic man whose righteousness should inspire us to keep the faith, or as a roadmap to the end times that can, through careful study, tell us the day and hour (or nearly so) of Christ's return. Both, says Bryan Chapell, are sadly missing the bigger picture—that God is the hero of the story, and he is in the midst of his unrelenting plan to rescue his people from their sin and its consequences. Pastors, teachers, and any Christian who wants to learn how to faithfully understand the book of Daniel without getting derailed by hero worship or prophetic mysteries will value this grace-centered approach.

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    Holiness By Grace
    Delighting in the Joy That Is Our Strength
    Bryan Chapell

    “Be holy, because I am Holy.” —1 Peter 1:16

    Without Christ we would hear this command and shudder. Ho can God expect us to be holy as he is? Isn't it unrealistic, since he is infinitely pure and we are clearly imperfect? But thanks to what Christ accomplished on our behalf, we need not worry that our good works aren't enough to gain God's acceptance. God accepts us because of Christ's righteousness. Yet God's grace does not remove the requirement of holiness for our lives.

    In this challenging yet reassuring work, gifted preacher and teacher Bryan Chapell puts good works and obedience in proper perspective—they are a grateful response to God's mercy, not a means of establishing or maintaining salvation. This book takes you on a journey through Scripture to help you discover the gracious source of joy and strength you need for a lifelong pursuit of holiness. 

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    Praying Backwards
    Transform Your Prayer Life By Beginning In Jesus' Name
    Bryan Chapell

    “In Jesus' Name, Amen.” 

    Like the closing credits of a movie, these familiar words provide a signal that a prayer has come to an end. But what does it mean to offer our prayers in Jesus' name? Though we say words, do we really mean them? Though we say the words, do we really mean them? And how would content and character of our prayers change if we did?

    Praying Backwards introduces believers to the transforming process of beginning our prayers in Jesus' name—not by moving a simple phrase, but by understanding and embracing the meaning behind the phrase. To truly pray in Jesus' name is to reorder our priorities in prayer—and in life—away from ourselves and toward Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray, “Not my will, but your will be done.” It is to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently. If you want to revolutionize your prayer life, begin by Praying Backwards.

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    The Promises Of Grace
    Living In The Grip Of God's Love
    Bryan Chapell


    God's grace is a mystery, partially revealed through salvation, and increasing in the life of the committed Christian. It is unmeasured, unending, and undeserved. But do we really know what we have when God's grace is showered on us?

    The Promises of Grace offers a clear and thorough look at the beauty of grace and all it brings to believers—not physical prosperity but spiritual blessing. Bryan Chapell focuses on the promises you can expect God to fulfill—assurance of God's love, peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit, power in prayer, and perseverance in trial—through a study of Romans 8.

    Broken down into eleven group or personal studies and illustrated by life stories, The Promises of Grace will help you discover what it means to live in the grip of God's love. Understanding the genuine benefits of his grace leads to a life that is “more satisfying and less selfish, more fulfilling and less driven, more peaceful and less guilt ridden.”

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    Unlimited Grace
    The Heart Chemistry That Frees from Sin and Fuels the Christian Life
    Bryan Chapell


    Unlimited Grace shows how God’s grace through Christ is both the motivation and fuel for the Christian life. Unlimited Grace is a highly accessible book, providing tools for everybody (Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, parents devotional readers, etc.) to excavate God’s transforming grace from any portion of Scripture with confidence. In short, Unlimited Grace provides a highly readable and encouraging approach to discovering the source and power of grace that enables us to live in the joy that is our strength.